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April 3rd, 2014


Jason C. McSheene
is a very proud alum of Rochester Institute of Technology, from which he earned a B.S. in Biomedical Sciences. Currently, he is a senior Molecular Biology Ph.D. student at Princeton University. Professionally, he hopes to merge his nerdy science fiction influences with his academic knowledge of developmental biology into bioengineering of biomechanical devices. Personally, Jason is a huge, unapologetic nerd! He draws inspiration from novels, movies, animated series, and video games. Podcasts and audiobooks are the preferred media for learning more about his interests of self-development, world religions, management, news, and gaming. Here are a few of his favorite the best things: Fullmetal AlchemistReasonable DoubtsWait Wait! Don’t Tell MeStarCraft 2, Unbelievable? Podcast, The Walking Dead, and singing covers of 90s Pop/Rock songs. And all the coffee.
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NikhilBioNikhil R. Deshmukh is a bass player and food enthusiast who also happens to be pursuing a PhD in neuroscience and molecular biology at Princeton University. Nikhil earned a BSE in Bioengineering from the University of Pennsylvania, and will take any opportunity to try and convince you that Philadelphia is a highly underrated city. Although he has lived on the east coast for many years, Nikhil grew up in sunny Cupertino, CA and remains a laid-back west coaster at heart. Upon completing his doctorate this coming September, Nikhil hopes to work in the medical device industry and is especially excited about neural prosthetics such as cochlear and retinal implants. When Nikhil is not making kimchi or playing music at the local bar, he is thinking about ways to improve science education and communication.
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DSC01437Kelly M. LaRue is not your typical Jersey girl.  She loves all things outdoors and is an active volunteer and supporter of wildlife conservation measures.  Kelly fell into the PhD path by way of a BS in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology at Dickinson College, PA and a transformative summer experience at Mount Desert Island Biological Laboratory, ME.  During her graduate career, she has conducted research in the field of neuroethology and genetics of non-model fruit fly courtship behavior along with substantial volunteer work in biology education and outreach.  Along with her peers, Kelly has aided in the development of the Graduate Molecular Biology Outreach Program (GMOP) and recently received the inaugural Graduate Student Service Recognition Award for her efforts.
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Abigail_ProfileAbigail J. Sporer
earned a BA from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, where she double-majored in Theatre and French and only took three science classes. After working as a stagehand for several years, she took some post-baccalaureate classes at CUNY-Hunter College, did some teaching, took the GRE, and started a PhD in Molecular Biology at Princeton. Abigail is passionate about genetics and science communication. She lives in New York City with her husband and a cat, and her hobbies include reading, travel, brunch, watching Packers football, being a slow-but-determined athlete, and copy editing other people’s writing.  Abigail defended her PhD in May and started her postdoc at Columbia University in summer 2014. No, it is not okay if you call her “Abby.”
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