PhD in Progress Podcast

PhDs No Longer In Progress… but the Show Will Go On

March 24th, 2015

photoWe are happy to announce that Kelly, Nikhil, and me (Jason) have all finished our PhD studies and are now doctors! Within the span of 1 month, the PhD in Progress crew went from 1 PhD alum (Dr. Abigail) to 4. Because this all took place February through March, this past fall and winter were absolute chaos for recording and producing new episodes.

However, the audience support and feedback for the show never waned. With the new wave of accepted grad students (congratulations!) starting this summer/fall, we know there is an increased demand for the show. We will be releasing 3-4 previously recorded episodes in the next few weeks! Topics will include starting a career symposium at your school, postdoctoral positions, and funding your own research ideas.

This brings us to the next question: What is next for the show? We are playing around with ideas but would really love to hear what you all have to say. Should this become a more interview-based show, hearing individuals’ stories across all fields and careers? Is it better to track the career progress and insights of the hosts? Would you prefer we pass the torch to current graduate students? We’re open to it all, so leave your comments below or email us.

And thank you. This project meant a lot to all of us and really provided a platform to help others. Each of us is grateful that our trial run went so well. Now it’s time to make improvements!

See you soon,