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PhD 022: PhDs No Longer In Progress! – The Dr. Nikhil and Dr. Kelly Show

October 29th, 2015

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This week, the hosts recount their final days as graduate students and their first days as doctors.

  • How are the last steps of the PhD process?
  • Finalizing thesis, defense talk, and job search simultaneously
  • Stressful days leading up to the defense
  • “No one cares about your thesis!”* – A PhD advisor
  • Hosting family and friends for your defense
  • Beware: You MAY get emotional during the final moments of your talk
  • Kelly doesn’t let professionalism get in the way of her sailor’s mouth
  • Reviewing the job searches for Kelly and Nikhil
    • Hear about Kelly’s “Lifelong Dream” in Episode 6
    • Get the background on the Co-Founder of Nikhil’s Zipline company, Doug, in Episode 8
  • Don’t be afraid to use your network! It’s tough out there.
  • For interviews: Practice, Practice, Practice!
  • Prepare for your negotiations
  • Why can’t Jason hit Natalie Imbruglia’s notes anymore?

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A very special thanks to you, the listener. We had so much fun recording episodes and even more fun seeing the reaction to our show. You gave us an outlet for this energy and you spread the word. This is the end of “Season 1”. Thanks for bearing through the learning curve of podcasting and always giving us great feedback…

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