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PhD 006: Volunteer Work, Public Outreach, and a Targeted Career Search with Kelly LaRue

May 20th, 2014

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This week we have Kelly LaRue in studio to discuss public outreach, a targeted career search, and the importance of finding value outside of your main research.

Kelly is the recipient of the Princeton Graduate Student Recognition Award for her work with Princeton University’s Graduate MolBio Outreach Program.
While performing an amazing level of volunteer work, she has leveraged her experiences into taking action on her professional goals. She has taken an approach to her career search that may help others narrow down their own searches.

The 2 resources mentioned by Kelly:
Society for the Advancement of Biology Education Research

EvolDir (i.e. “EVIL DEER”)

Why is Nikhil fidgety?
What is a good name for a courtship song?
What happened to the coffee?
Answers within. Thanks for listening!


Really good episode. It really got me thinking about other opportunities.