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PhD 009: “Career Services, Networking, and Informational Interviews” with Amy Pszczolkowski

June 12th, 2014

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This week Jason, Nikhil, and Abigail sit down with Amy Pszczolkowski, Assistant Director of Princeton University’s Career Services office to discuss career search resources and networking strategies. We encourage you to reach out to your career service office and tell us about your experience!

What can you expect to receive from your university’s career service officer?
-Counseling/Advising: a thought partner and guide; broad exposure
-Assessments: personality, fit, strength/weakness, professional skills, interviewing
-Free valuable information on career center websites

Grad students often don’t know about these services, but the earlier you come in, the better support you can receive.

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Steve P Lee
Steve P Lee

This was another great podcast!  Amy provided lots of great advice, and heartily agree with her suggestions, especially about seeking advice early and not waiting to the end of your PhD to start your career planning.

I didn't catch if anyone had suggested Science Career's myIDP website, which is a great resource for grad students and postdocs in the STEM disciplines.  It really helps to assess your skills, interests, and values.  It also gives advice on how to do informational interviews.

I also agree with the suggestion to hang out at the "fun" table at recruiting events.  I think it really helps to understand Myers-Briggs types, and how extroverts and introverts prefer to socialize.  At recruiting events, it really does help to understand how extroverts function, and to be able to observe and identify extroverted behavior in a crowd of people.  Extroverts will generally be much more expressive in their speaking volume, in using their body to communicate, and will usually be around other extroverts.

PhD in Progress Podcast
PhD in Progress Podcast moderator

@Steve P Lee Thanks again Steve! myIDP is an incredible resource that I wish I knew about way earlier in my career. Each time I revisit the site, I come across another feature I had somehow overlooked. 

As an incredibly introverted person myself, it definitely takes energy to join the "fun table". However, it is always worth it! We appreciate your insight and comments.