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PhD 016: Mental Health Awareness and Treatment as a Grad Student

September 23rd, 2014

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[Episode card image adapted from a Flickr photo by Bhernandez, used under the Creative Commons]

Questions asked:
What is a “lifeguard”?
How did you decide to seek help?
What does help look like?
How is mental illness perceived in graduate school?
Am I alone if I seek out help?

Mental Illness Awareness Week Oct. 5-11, 2014


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Xue9983 left a great review saying how isolating grad school can be when you’re an international student trying to learn a whole new culture, presenting research in a different language, and dealing with the ignorance and arrogance of people: “So I am glad that I found this podcast when I was struggling through those things, questioning myself and why am I doing this PhD stuff. It is a friendly and helpful podcast. Keep up the good work!”

Thanks Xue. That really means a lot to us and we hope to record an episode about international students soon.


Loved listening to this, and wish I had been there to be part of the conversation. Thanks for sharing, Halley! I am disappointed that you guys haven't learned more about shmoos after all of our years of friendship.